Waste-Away Group, Ltd. Proudly Announces Segment on “World’s Greatest!...”

Elkhart-Based Company Boasts an Episode on “World’s Greatest!...”; Adds It to an Already Impressive List of Accomplishments.

Elkhart, IN - February 21, 2018:  Waste-Away Group and four of its affiliate companies are featured in Episode 253 of the popular television series detailing the primary function of each company and their contributions to area waste and recycling solutions.

In this episode viewers are introduced to four of the companies comprising the Waste-Away Group and taken on a virtual journey through their daily operations.  Residential and commercial trucks servicing containers, hard drive and document shredding, the sort line at their in-house recycling plant, and specialty equipment are featured allowing viewers to get acquainted with all of the value-added services Waste-Away Group has to offer.

“World’s Greatest!…” is the popular television series, which brings people, places and companies into the spotlight!  Brought to you by the award-winning researchers and producers at How 2 Media, in Boynton Beach, Florida, “World’s Greatest!… “is currently in its 12th season, and continues to surprise audiences, while providing “edutainment”.  Having featured companies and products of all sizes, including some of the most recognized and respected brands the world has to offer, “World’s Greatest!…” prides itself on highlighting people, places and companies in positive ways, and seeing that audiences are able to connect with, and understand the companies behind products people use every single day.

Waste-Away Group, Ltd. manages waste collection, transportation, and disposal, both to our state-of-the-art recycling facility and local landfills for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Having served northern Indiana and southern Michigan for over seventy years, Waste-Away Group, Ltd.’s affiliate companies are Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc., providing residential waste and recycling removal, Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc., serving commercial and industrial customers for waste and recycling removal, Integra Certified Document Destruction LLC, providing safe, secure destruction of sensitive material and hard drives, and Recycling Works, Inc., the Materials Recovery Facility that sorts and ships recycling commodities to the world market for reuse. Together, these companies making up Waste-Away Group, provide innovative, environmentally sound solutions while maintaining a leading market share in its core business areas.


Leslie Jones

Communication Coordinator

Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc.

(574) 293-5001 ext 554