Specialty Equipment

One thing you will consistently find at Himco Waste-Away Group is the use of the latest available technology. We approach waste from all angles!

MaxPak Services - Watch the waste and air space be diminished in a rolloff. The MaxPac program is a mobile service that will visit a customer site to compact material in rolloff containers. The end result? A rolloff container with compacted weights.

Auger Compactors - For heavy duty, industrial waste, an auger compactor shreds up the waste. The auger compactor is built to precrush and compact bulky, oversized materials with minimum dust, noise and energy requirements. Various sizes are available to fit most any application. Greater weights result in fewer hauls which reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Precrushers - A precrusher provides an aggressive compaction by crushing a load within the machine before loading and compacting again in the container. The material is reformed to better fit into the container. Precrushers are great for industrial and wood products. Every precrusher is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and they are manufactured in a variety of sizes.

Self Dumping Hoppers - Maximize the number of trips to the compactor by using a self dumping hopper. Himco provides the containers in 1 yard to 4 yards in size. One fork lift operator can easily dump bulky waste into a collection container. They are balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to the upright locked position.