Recycling Works Preserves Natural Resources

In 2009, Recycling Works expanded it's recycling capabilities by adding a state-of the-art recycling facility right in our backyard located at 605 Mason Street, Elkhart, Indiana. Home to an advanced single stream recycling process, this facility processes recycling materials collected from municipalities and subscription customers throughout Michiana, as well as within a 100-mile+ radius of Elkhart.

Recycling Works processing includes a series of mechanical screens, magnets, eddy-current separators, optical scanners and hand pickers for sorting and processing recyclable paper, glass, plastics, aluminum and metals. As materials move along conveyor belts, a set of screens separates the paper and cardboard while crushing glass items. Powerful magnets remove tin, steel and other metal. Reverse magnetsknown as eddy currents cause aluminum cans to fly off the conveyor belt and into a bin for bundling. Separated items are collected and compressed into bales for shipping to paper mills, metal smelting operations, and plastic and glass reclaimers who further process the recycled materials for reuse in the marketplace. The new technology greatly increases the recovery of recycleables. The facility is be able to process over 450 tons of material every day.

The separation process also greatly reduces the amount of contaminated products, such as soiled newsprint, that would have to be thrown away. As much as 98 percent of all the collected items are recycled.

Because of this new facility, residents are experiencing another value-added service from the Waste-Away Group. Single stream recycling is the emerging trend in curbside recycling. Customers are allowed to collect all recycleables in a wheeled cart instead of separating items in a bin. Studies show single-stream recycling increases participation in communities up to 30 percent more and in some cases, higher.

Single-stream recycling benefits the environment by reducing fuel emissions and landfill usage, and supplies manufacturers with usable materials. We are helping communities save on fuel and operating costs. The goal of Recycling Works is to better the environment in the communities served by keeping them cleaner.