Sign Up for Pink Cart™ and Cancer Matching Funds

We are very pleased to offer you two different ways to support the fight against cancer:

1. The Pink Cart™ Program

When you choose to use the Pink Cart™ Five Dollars ($5.00) will be donated to the American Cancer Society. 100% of this donation goes to the Indiana chapter of ACS.

2. Trash Cancer Matching Fund

Borden Waste-Away Service is also offering a donation matching program. Add a $1 monthly donation to your billing and Borden will match that Dollar ($1.00). The donation and match will be given to the Goshen Center for Cancer Care Research Fund to support Clinical Trials, The Tissue Bank, and Preclinical Studies to fight a wide variety of cancers.

There will be a fee of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) to cover the operational cost associated with delivery of your new Pink Cart™.

Thank you for signing up for the fight against cancer using Borden Waste-Away Group Pink Cart™ Services!

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