Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc. For Immediate Release

Borden Waste-Away Service announces recycling week change for a group of Warsaw contract residents in May 2011

ELKHART, IN (April 18, 2011) – To provide more efficient service, Borden Waste-Away will be changing the recycling service week of pickup for approximately 550 of residents beginning  May 2011 .   The service week is changing.  The service day is staying the same.

Those residents affected will receive an additional pickup during the month of May 2011.  
Affected residents will receive notification from Borden between April 20 – 29.  Those affected will receive a packet of information on their front door with an updated calendar magnet. Details of the service week change will be included in the notification from Borden.  
Residents affected on Monday recycling service live in an area bounded by N. Detroit Street to the West, East Center Street to the South, E 200 N to the North, and Kimel Drive, and Scott Street to the East.
Residents affected on Wednesday recycling service live in an area bounded by S. Detroit Street to the East, Winona Avenue to the South, Hand Avenue to the West, and Center Street to the North.
For questions regarding this change, contact Borden Waste-Away Customer Support at 1-800-386-3313 X 570