On a day like any other day in Customer Support, a co-worker took a call from a potential customer who eventually signed up for new residential trash service with Borden Waste-Away.  She ultimately called three times that day; once to ask questions and inquire about service options, once to tell us of her decision to sign up for service, and a final time to ask a couple forgotten questions about the service she had chosen.  During the third conversation with one of our Customer Support Representatives (CSR), she asked, “Do you know why I went with your service”? The CSR paused for a moment and she plainly stated...”Because I made 9 phone calls to different companies today and you are the only one who answered the phone.  I called you 3 times, and every time someone answered the phone”.  Our CSR went on to explain that, as long as it is during our business hours, you will always reach a live person.

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