Campaign Signs in Yard

It's time for a sigh of relief!

The ballots are in and election season is over – which means it’s time to remove campaign signs. In fact, many cities have ordinances requiring political sign removal within seven to ten days after an election. 

How should you dispose of campaign signs?

By recycling, of course! Many campaign signs are made from recyclable materials – like corrugated polypropylene plastic. Simply separate the metal stakes from the plastic sign and put these items into your curbside single-stream recycling cart or the appropriate receptacles at your local recycling center. That’s all there is to it!

Note: Homemade wooden signs should be broken down and re-purposed. Pressure treated, painted, or varnished wood is not recyclable. That's because recycled wood is often turned into mulch and you would not want the chemicals used in pressure treatment, paint, or varnish in your garden. You can reuse your wooden campaign signs for another project or give it to someone who burns wood for home heating.

If you have a question about how to recycle an item, please call us at 877-924-4748. We're always happy to help you make the greener choice.