by:  Leslie Jones

Waste-Away Group is a local, family owned company comprised of smaller subsidiary companies. These companies together create a synergy unparalleled by any other waste removal company in the region.


Himco Waste-Away, Ltd. services commercial and industrial customers for trash and recycling removal. Container sizes range from a capacity of 2-yards all the way up to 50-yards and also includes compactors for cardboard or trash. The smaller containers usually service larger family farms, small businesses, or those who wish to do small projects or cleanouts.

Borden Waste-Away, Ltd. is the company that picks up residential trash and recycling. Borden trucks also service the more than 150 Recycling Drop-off Center containers around the Elkhart County area.  These Recycling Centers are managed by the Elkhart County Solid Waste Management District and are currently comprised of separate containers for cardboard, containers for newspapers, and containers for all other recyclables.  These containers, however, will be streamlined into only two types; cardboard and Single Stream containers for all other recyclables, including newspapers. Although cardboard is accepted in the Single Stream recycling containers, as it is in residential Single Stream, separate cardboard containers remain available since several commercial customers continue to use them for larger flattened cardboard.

Recycling Works, Inc. has a state-of-the-art Single Stream sorting machine known to no other recycling center in the entire midwest region. This allows Recycling Works to handle hundreds of pounds of recyclable material each day; from sorting and baling to shipping the baled commodities to the world market for reuse.  Both Borden and Himco deliver the recyclables they pick up to Recycling Works for processing.

Integra has been protecting small or large businesses, individuals and governmental agencies since 1988. Presently serving over 16 counties in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan area,  Integra uses state-of-the-art secure document shredding and destruction technologies and their processes meet or exceed even the most restrictive of compliance requirements.

With a unique and ultra-secure document destruction and recycling system, Integra takes document destruction to a higher level of security and dependability. Two cart sizes, a 96-gallon or 65-gallon, as well as 36” consoles are available.

The synergy exists, as we have read in a previous article titled 1+1=...3?, since each of Waste-Away Group’s subsidiary companies by itself is a successful, essential service to the community, but what sets them apart from their competition is the impressive synergy provided to customers to have all of their waste, recycling, document destruction, and temporary container needs being met with just one company...just one phone call.

And again, we respect our customers’ time; a little-held commodity for such a fast-paced world today. Waste-Away Group can simplify these areas of your business. Visit our website at or give us a call today!