by: Leslie Jones

In discussing the subject of recycling, we’ve touched on what can be recycled, what can’t be recycled, why we recycle, and so on….all of the pertinent information on recycling.  Or have we?  We could talk about all of those topics all day long, but one of the biggest challenges our society faces is how to get people to recycle.

Do some people not see the importance? Is it inconvenient? Time consuming?  At Waste-Away Group, we want to understand the drawbacks and constraints for people so we can ease their burden by offering options or alternatives to their current methods.  We strive to promote recycling and recycling education.  Classes and presentations are even offered by Waste-Away Group to increase awareness and knowledge of recycling.

The real reasons people don’t recycle vary.  Some of the most commonly heard are:

1.  It’s inconvenient and takes too much time.  In our area, Waste-Away Group’s recycling procedures are very simple.  If you’re going to throw it away into a trash cart, why not just throw it into a different cart?  Single Stream recycling allows customers to throw clean, unsorted, unbagged recycling into the same container loose.  It is then sorted at our state-of-the-art recycling facility.  What could be more time-saving and convenient than that?

2.  No curbside recycling program in the area.  Waste-Away Group serves over 16 counties in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan area.  This certainly should not be a constraint in this area.

3.  It does not make economic sense.  Some recycling programs are very costly.  Waste-Away Group provides single stream recycling picked up every other week at customers’ curbside for only $5.00 per month!  That’s less than some specialty coffees or fast-food value meals....(neither of which help save our environment). Recycling will lessen the waste stream, thus lowering costs for trash removal, while at the same time preserving the environment.

Whatever your barrier is to recycling, Waste-Away Group has a remedy for it.  We provide an economically sound, convenient, state-of-the-art recycling program for our customers.  Give us a call today!