I’m Paying WHAT?????

Generally, we shop around for bargains on services just as we do products that we purchase.  It’s sometimes amazing to me that a couple dollars a month will make us switch service providers in most cases. Of course, if the service is a physician or a mechanic, a couple dollars...or even $10 or $20 for the same service may not make us switch.  Many of us are very loyal to some types of service providers.

Other services, however, don’t seem to fit into the “loyal” category and get judged and shuffled around based on the price or specials only. This is where the extras, add-ons, and quality of service better be enough to make the difference for you if you are a business owner.


Conversely when it comes to extras, additional fees can make or break the deal as well.  Some fees are an understandable part of doing business, such as sales tax, tips for great service, or even a small fuel surcharge thanks to the economic plummet of 2008 and 2009.

Can we continue to justify, however, paying fees simply for the sake of paying fees?  Fees that should be absorbed by the company and chalked up to just part of doing business?  Are there any companies or small businesses left that don’t tack on an exorbitant amount of fees on top of the regular service price? I’m glad you asked.......

Waste-Away Group, Ltd. is a family owned, local company that must be doing something right to have been in business for over 75 years and on the third generation of ownership. Their secret? Among a list of superior and impeccable business qualities....Do business with people as you would like to have business done with you. Is it really that simple?...Yes, it’s that simple.

On a regular quarterly invoice from Borden, a subsidiary company of Waste-Away Group providing residential trash and recycling service, the only thing you will see aside from your regular monthly service rate is a small fuel surcharge.  And I mean a small fuel surcharge. This has only been implemented since the cost of fuel skyrocketed and, if the cost of diesel drops and continues to stay below $3.50 per gallon, will be done away with.  It is based on the price of diesel and fluctuates up and down a few pennies along with that price but tends to run right around $1.00 or so per month. Most probably, less than that.  That’s it?.......That’s right.


If you are currently a Borden customer for residential trash and/or recycling.....good for you.  If you aren’t, after reading this article we will most likely be welcoming you to Borden.  Take a good look at your current invoice then answer the following questions:


1.  Is your regular monthly service rate at an acceptable enough level?  These rates are usually somewhat similar even between competing companies.


2.  Do you pay a small Fuel Surcharge?  And by small, I mean only $1.00 or $2.00 per month.  Keep in mind....if you are paying quite a bit more for a fuel surcharge, so are all of the other customers of this company.  A Fuel Surcharge is only supposed to offset the rising cost of fuel, not fill the truck’s tank.


3.  Was there an initial Set-up fee for becoming a customer with this company?  At Borden, we consider typing your name, address and phone number into our computer part of our job as we welcome you to our company.


4.  Do you pay an Administrative Fee?  Just what is an Administrative fee? What is it for? And why do you pay for it on every bill?  Definitely some questions to ask your current provider. At Borden, we are unfamiliar with an Administrative Fee.


5.  How about an Environmental Recovery Fee?  I think I would have them explain this one, too. At Borden, we couldn’t begin to guess.

6.  A Paper/Invoice Fee?  Ok...if you are an owner of a company or small business, you probably consider the paper, envelopes, postage, etc. just part of doing business.  Is there a paper shortage? Has the price of paper surged out of control so we as business-owners have to try to recoup this amazing deficit?  Probably not. It really is just a business expense as part of doing business.


7.  Any others?  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if another couple cropped up on your invoice without notice.  Be diligent about reading your invoice each time you receive one to be sure of what you are paying.

Is Borden just a super company that doesn’t incur any costs of running their business?  Of course not.  Borden knows all of the costs of doing business and just chosen to set a flat rate for residential trash and recycling services that has already taken these into consideration. The Fuel Surcharge could even have even been avoided, but then that means the monthly service rate goes up....and stays there.  The way Borden has implemented it means that when the price of diesel goes up, all of their customers’ bills only go up a few pennies, but when diesel goes down, they all enjoy the savings.

If you are already a Borden customer, you can rest assured that you are not inundated with extra fees.  If you are not, we invite you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your current trash and recycling invoice and ask yourself the above questions. After finding the answers, find yourself a new trash service.  Borden would be happy to save you money!


For more information, contact us at (800) 386-3318 or visit our website at :www.wasteawaygroup.com