by:  Tom Hinz

The real question is this….in very competitive and ever-changing times, is today’s business expected to have an attitude of civic governance and social participation, especially when the economic climate exists as it does right now? Hopefully, the answer still is, “Yes, if at all possible.”

In school, we learned the meaning of “civic” as belonging to or relating to and the meaning of “responsibility” as having and accepting a duty, obligation or burden for something. So often our teachers and coaches are setting the bar high for students to become active participants in community, government and productive members of our society. A worthy goal of a lofty bar……..agreed?

There is little argument regarding the importance to the economic well-being of the community and vitality to the business district when a company invests itself into the lives of people and the choices they support. This “culture of community” is not lost among the employees either. When our place of business spends and invests locally, participates with non-profit organizations, and promotes what is best in our schools, we take notice of that and try to do in kind.

According to Leslie Jones’ July 2012 Waste Away Group article entitled, “Livin La Vida Local” she sites a Texas study estimating that $45 of every $100 spent locally stays local. That’s a large number of dollars that stay in the community and benefit us all. In addition to the financial investment, when business involves itself in the peripheral things like programs, banquets, clubs, organizations, events associations and churches, employees will often do likewise and find themselves engaged and
involved with deepening roots.

The Waste Away Group is a company that has believed in civic responsibility for as long as they’ve been around in Michiana, and that’s been quite some time. In addition to the Pink Cart program, partnerships with our local Environmental Centers and many other unique events, a special example to me of civic responsibility is our continued partnership with Michiana Crime Stoppers. Not only do we offer a worthy shredding service to the residents of our community for the destruction of their personal, sensitive documents, they gladly make a monetary donation to Crime Stoppers. 100% of these proceeds greatly assist their efforts to help law enforcement fight crime. Our long-term commitment to this effort not only raises thousands of dollars for cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of felony offenders, it inspires other to donate their time and in turn show their personal
civic mindedness as they volunteer for the event.

While I know there are very credible and reliable document destruction vendors in other parts of Indiana and surrounding states; that’s true. However, if we’re not business partners yet, when the time comes for your contract renewal or a special service that your current vendor cannot accommodate, please contact us at Integra by phone, email or the Integra quick quote link on our website. Chances are you will find us small enough to pay attention to the important little details and large enough to
accommodate your needs at a very affordable price.

In conclusion, let’s continue as business and people who do well for our community, remain civically responsible and loyal to our society, whenever we can.

Tom Hinz, Integra Certified Document Destruction
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