by Leslie Jones


Go Pink in October to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, a disease affecting hundreds of thousands of lives across the country.  Research into the cause, prevention and cure of this disease relies on contributions and donations from people just like you.

Borden Waste-Away is committed to doing our part in the fight against breast cancer by offering two different ways to show your support while making a selfless contribution to this cause.

First, we invite you to switch out your trash or recycling cart to a pink cart.  Each Pink Cart placed represents a donation to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.  Your new Pink Cart is a visible gesture of support for the eradication of the disease.

Second, our Dollar Fund Match program allows you to add $1.00 per month to your Borden trash bill.  At the end of the year, Borden Waste-Away will match your donation and send the entire amount to the IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care.  Last year alone, a check for over $19,000 was donated thanks to the generosity of our conscientious customers!

Whether you order a Pink Cart, sign up for the Dollar Fund Match, or help in the fight against this terrible disease in your own way, just help.  October isn’t the only time when donations and awareness are needed for such an important Go Pink!

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