Bubble Wrap as a Recyclable Item

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a plastic material contains evenly spaced, protruding air-filled pockets. The term “bubble wrap” is a generic trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation, co-founded by Alfred Fielding in 1960.  The air-filled plastic packaging that comes with such shipments as Amazon packages is the same principal and made from the same or similar material.

What is bubble wrap made of?

The plastic used to make bubble wrap is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resin. The resin is melted and processed into plastic sheets. Suction is used on one sheet to create bubbles, and another sheet is sealed on top to trap the air so that the bubbles retain their shape.

Is bubble wrap recyclable?

The ability to recycle bubble wrap is up to each individual recycling center. Most can accept it, especially in very large quantities. Borden, however, cannot.  It is mixed with other similar types of plastic like dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, and shopping bags, commonly referred to as “film”. Smaller quantities are more difficult to accept since commodities are usually purchased from recycling centers in truckloads. Storing material is also difficult until that quantity is achieved.  You are welcome to drop off bubble wrap and other similar materials at your local grocery store drop-off for plastic grocery bags and other film.

Check with your local recycling center to see what their policy is on accepting this type of plastic.

For more information on recyclable items visit www.wasteawaygroup.com.