For several years we have heard the term “biodegradable” and with the rise in awareness of “green” efforts and recycling, biodegradable materials and products have become even more important and in the forefront.

But what does “biodegradable” even mean? Biodegradable items are things that can break down into natural materials in the environment without causing harm. For example, a cardboard box can break down into naturally occurring elements that will seamlessly mix back into the earth. Most plastics do not break down in this manner, so we don’t consider them biodegradable.

Ways to Incorporate More Biodegradable Items Into Your Household

  • Read labels of the products you already use. There’s a good chance many of your commonly used goods are already biodegradable, like paper towels, newspaper, and coffee grounds.
  • Switch to biodegradable products when you can. There are options for a number of Earth-friendly products, like biodegradable laundry soap and food packaging.

Why is using biodegradable products important to me?

The goal of supplementing biodegradable products in your everyday life is to recycle our natural resources and keep the Earth clean and free of growing landfills. The good news is that the market for biodegradable products is growing, so you have plenty of options to make a positive impact on the environment.

Challenge yourself to use just one more each month and within a year, you’ll be on the road to a greener, more Earth-friendly household.