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Resedential Service

The Largest Residential Waste and Recycling Company In Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Our reliable service focuses on safety as our number one priority. Our customers include individual subscription residents, homeowner associations, municipalities and solid waste districts. Our company is committed to providing a courteous staff of professionals to help with any waste and recycling needs.

Industrial Service

Our Environment, Your Business

When choosing a waste hauler, it is important to partner with a company that mirrors your company image. Esthetics, cleanliness and efficiency are all objectives of Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc. We provide waste removal solutions to commercial and industrial customers including hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, schools, insurance companies, manufacturers, office complexes, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Our goal is to listen to your needs and give you options to maximize efficiency and to provide as many recycling opportunities as possible. Work with Himco so you can focus on your company’s operation and leave the waste to us.

Document Destruction

We Our Your Insurance Policy For Document Handling

Integra Certified Document Destruction, LLC
Integra is no stranger to the document destruction business. We have been destroying business and residential documents since 1988. Our program is a value-added service to the Waste-Away complete waste and recycling approach. Our system is simple and cost effective to help free up employees for other duties. Customers have the efficiency of services provided by one company and the assurance of service handled properly with confidentiality. 

Integra helps small and large businesses with their document shredding and compliance requirements. Greater than 16 counties are serviced in the Michiana area and we are willing to evaluate additional service areas. The ultra-secure document shredding system takes document destruction to a higher level of security and dependability to ensure your peace of mind. We're your insurance policy for document handling.

Recycling Service

Preserving Our Natural Resources

In 2009, the Himes family decided to expand the Waste-Away recycling capabilities by adding a state-of the-art recycling facility right in their backyard. Recycling Works is located at 605 Mason Street, Elkhart, IN, and the materials recycling facility will processes recycling collected from municipalities and subscription customers within a 100-mile radius of Elkhart.

Recycling Works processing includes a series of mechanical screens, magnets, eddy-current separators, optical scanners and hand pickers for sorting and processing recyclable paper, glass, plastics, aluminum and metals. As materials move along conveyor belts, a set of screens separates the paper and cardboard while crushing glass items. Powerful magnets remove tin, steel and other metal. Reverse magnets known as eddy currents cause aluminum cans to fly off the conveyor belt and into a bin for bundling. Separated items are collected and compressed into bales for shipping to paper mills, metal smelting operations, and plastic and glass reclaimers who further process the recycled materials for reuse in the marketplace. The new technology greatly increases the recovery of recycleables. The facility will be able to process over 450 tons of material every day.

The separation process also greatly reduces the amount of contaminated products, such as soiled newsprint, that would have to be thrown away. As much as 98 percent of all the collected items are recycled.

Because of this new facility, residents are experiencing another value-added service from the Waste-Away Group. Single stream recycling is the emerging trend in curbside recycling. Customers are allowed to collect all recycleables in a wheeled cart instead of separating items in a bin. Studies show single-stream recycling increases participation in communities up to 30 percent more and in some cases, higher.

This process also improves the neighborhood. The number of collection vehicles and service days are reduced. Collection is more efficient and wear and tear on roads is reduced while safety in the neighborhood is improved.

Single-stream recycling benefits the environment by reducing fuel emissions and landfill usage, and supplies manufacturers with usable materials. We are helping communities save on fuel and operating costs. The goal of Recycling Works is to better the environment in the communities served by keeping them cleaner.

Maintenance Division

The Full Service Maintenance Division of Waste-Away Group

Their responsibility is to provide high quality, cost effective and customized services to internal and external customers. This division has over 30+ years experience managing a large, complex equipment fleet. In addition, they install and maintain compactors, precrushers, auger compactors, tractors, trailers, recycling plant equipment and more.

The fleet is consistently being evaluated for performance and productivity. Whether investigating an industry advanced truck or a value-added system, leading edge technology is always considered and tested. On board GPS technology has been installed in the fleet and service is tracked on a customer to customer basis. Implementation of this improvement has shown more efficient routes as well as improved customer service.

Mechanical resources are readily available, while work schedules are flexible to accommodate any project. Mechanic, Inc. has a fabrication, weld and paint facility on site to keep equipment and containers fresh. Visual representation of the company is a top priority. The parts department has a complete computer managed inventory at hand for responsive service. They focus on keeping the fleet on the street and in front of containers so all service commitments are accomplished.

Mechanic, Inc. employs their team to provide innovative solutions. Responding to the unique requests of customers may include retrofitting existing equipment or fabricating new applications. Service is offered 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week, which leaves the competition in the shadows. Whether complying with a space constriction or a corporate requirement, there is no equipment challenge too large to handle. In fact, Mechanic, Inc. welcomes it.

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