Julie Harvey's Story

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I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on Nov. 25, 2008 at 42 years old. I think that the words, “YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER” hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember I just kept saying the words, Over and Over, ” I have BREAST CANCER”, hoping that somehow if I spoke it with my voice, and heard it with my ears, that I would somehow be able to actually internalize the statement and it would make it real….But, breast cancer wants to creep in when you least expect it- and turn everything upside down. I am a wife, and the mother of two children,( nine and seven at the time) and they continue to be my driving force to not only survive, but to thrive. I had a lumpectomy with clear margins and no lymph node involvement. The treatment protocol was to be aggressive: 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and 34 rounds of radiation. My cancer was estrogen receptive- (which means it fed on estrogen) because of this, I decided on a total hysterectomy to eliminate the majority of estrogen production in my body, any residual ER is eradicated by an oral medication that I will take for 5 years. While I am certain that I am not defined by my breast cancer, it has certainly become a huge part of my repertoire. I have to say that I am grateful to the cancer for so many reasons, but, mostly because it has brought some of the most amazing, compassionate, loving, cancer crushing women into my life. There is pain and sadness in this cancer pool that I have chosen to wade in- but, there is also great joy and strength in finding another hand to hold. The fear of recurrence is a DAILY battle- and until there is a cure for this disease we will all wake with a little uncertainty. I am grateful to Goshen Cancer Center for their role in my victory- as well as their personal interest in my life, and the many friendships I made along the way. Join me- with Borden Waste Away to kick cancer to the curb for good! Click Here to Sign Up.