First Cartage Company Truck

Himes Lugger Truck 

Customer Innovations

Borden Rear Loader

The 40's: The Good Ol' Days

1940 :Himes Cartage Company founded

Re-Use & Reselling Service of Shipping Containers Begins

The 50's: Getting Serious

Chas Himes & Sons - Industrial/Lugger Operation Begins

The 60's: Growing and Expanding

Himes Cartage Company Moved

C.R. 10 Landfill begins Operation

Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc.Created - Introduction of Commercial Packer Operations

Mechanic, Inc. founded - On-Site Truck Repair begins

The 70's: A New Business Structure

Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc. is founded

Himco Waste-Away Adds New Service: Industrial Roll-Off

Recycling Works, Inc. is founded

Earthmover, Inc. begins C.R. 26 Landfill Operations

The 80's: A Decade of Progression

Curb Side Recycling Program Implemented

Expansion of C.R. 26 Landfill

Kimedic Technologies, Inc. founded

Standardization of Truck Fleet Image

Waste-Not Society founded

Rebuilding of Truck Fleet

The 90's: A New Era in Recycling

Household Hazardous Waste Day Program begins

Recycling Drop Off Stations

Customer Support Department Created

Expanded Recycling Materials & Materials Management

Developed Confidential Document Destruction Service

The 2000’s: Getting Technical

Recycling Drop Off Sites Converted to Automated

Fully Automated Residential Service Begins

On-Board Technology Added to Fleet

On-Site Mobile Shredding Service Offered

Constructed and Opened New Materials Recycling Facility

2010’s: Moving Into the Future

Stay tuned…..

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