What Is The Waste-Away Electronics Recycling Program?

Our program is a value-added service provided so Waste-Away customers have a solution to responsibly recycle old, unused, or unwanted electronics — no matter where they were purchased.

Why Does Waste-Away Offer Electronics Recycling To Customers?

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream today and Waste-Away is in a unique position to help our customers. We have partnered with Electronics Recycling International, to offer a secure and responsible recycling program.  Our company is committed to providing customers top-notch service and recycling options for various waste streams.  This program is just one more way to be green.

Where Is The Electronic Recycling Prepared For Recycling?

All of the electronic material collected is prepared for recycling at the Waste-Away Group recycling facility - 605 Mason St, Elkhart, IN.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Electronic Recycling?

Customers have two options:

  1. Schedule a pickup with Waste-Away at your location
  2. Drop off your items at our recycling facility located at 605 Mason St, Elkhart, IN.

Are There Limits To The Amount Of Electronics Customers Can Bring In?

Customers may bring in any amount of electronics.  In order to provide efficient service, please call ahead if you have greater than ten items. Please call Waste-Away Customer Support at (877) 924-4748 and press 1 to schedule a drop off of recycling.

What Is The Waste-Away Recycling Standard?

Waste-Away ensures that the recycler we partner with adheres to the highest guidelines and standards so the electronics we collect are recycled and diverted from landfills or foreign countries, and any hazardous material is disposed properly. We partner directly with Electronic Recyclers International, a respected recycling company that ensures all products collected for recycling by Waste-Away is handled responsibly.

What Happens To Customer Data Included On A Recycled Product?

Waste-Away accepts hard drives and items containing hard drives for recycling. We offer a hard drive destruction service http://www.wasteawaygroup.com/integra-certified-document-destruction-services.html or customers may consider removing or wiping their data at their own discretion. In the case of hard drives on laptops or desktop PCs, customers have the choice to remove their data themselves, or they can consult with a Waste-Away representative about the services we offer before disgarding the PC for recycling.

What Other Recycling Programs Does Waste-Away Offer?

Currently, Waste-Away offers the following recycling programs in addition to the electronics recycling program:

Curbside Recycling:Place all of your residentially generated recycling into one container and have it picked up at your home.
Wood Recycling:Collect different grades of wood and Waste-Away will haul it away for recycling.
Commercial Recycling:If you are a business and you are interested to find out if something you generate is recycleable, contact your account manager to schedule a waste and recycling audit.
Document Destruction:Description
Hard Drive Destruction:Allow Waste-Away to shred your concerns about data that might still exist on old hard drives.

Does Waste-Away Accept Batteries For Recycling?

Customers should call 1-800-RECYCLING or visit www.1800recycling.com to find an alkaline battery recycling center in their neighborhood.