Waste-Away Group, Named Business of the Year 2010 by the Greater Elkhart Chamber

Chris Himes, Ken Himes, and Charlie Himes
Sallie and Chuck Himes
Lezlie and Penni Himes
Tori and Holly Himes
Jim Zirille and Tracey Rogenski

Ken Himes was presented with the award on January 28, 2011, at the Greater Elkhart Chamber Annual Meeting Luncheon.

Waste-Away was evaluated based upon:

  • Understanding Its Customers
  • Company Growth
  • Recent Peer Recognition or Award
  • International Marketplace
  • Use of Technology
  • Hardships to Overcome
  • Longevity in Business
  • Overall Impact on Local Economy
  • Community Involvement

We are so honored to be chosen and it kicked off 2011 in a great way!